Glacier and the Canadian Rockies

Hello there! I haven't been here for awhile, but I've been traveling to cool places like Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies. It's a gorgeous part of the world - come join me on my travels at ExplorationVacation ! Here's a taste of what you'll find:  

Magical Morocco

We spent two weeks on an amazing private tour of Morocco in spring 2013. You are being transferred to the updated version of this post at

What'cha doing here while I'm in Seattle?

I have new posts coming about fall in Seattle - including stories and images from Discovery Park, Fisherman's Terminal, and Fremont. . . but you'll need to visit the to check them out!

I'm in Columbus

Hey there, head on over to the ExplorationVacation and see what I've been up to in Columbus, Ohio.  This blog is not being updated. Please visit ExplorationVacation for more great photos.

Moving Day!

This blog is moving! Please visit the travel gal's new home at . All new posts will be part of the Exploration Vacation - come on over and check it out. Moving is a messy business, so, while all of the content of the thetravelgal is being migrated, it will be awhile before all of the links between the posts have been migrated. Until that happens, please hop back to Exploration Vacation when you unexpectedly find yourself back here again!

End of Summer at Leech Lake in Minnesota

We have the good fortune of having generous friends with a place on Leech Lake near Walker, where we joined them for the long Labor Day weekend.Leech Lake is a large, shallow lake, ideal for fishing and water sports. However, its distance from the Twin Cities metro area (about four hours) limits the number of people who vacation here. There is still undeveloped shoreline and, even on a holiday weekend, there are seldom more than a few boats visible at any given time. It is a lovely, relatively quiet retreat. Our friend’s place is at Trapper’s Landing, a resort that also offers various ownership options. It has a good location on the south end of the lake, with a scenic island just offshore and a nice beach. You are being transferred to the updated version of this post at