Monday, August 12, 2013

The Gardens of Leif Ericson Park, Duluth, Minnesota

Canal Park and the Lakewalk in Duluth are familiar to all visitors to the city as they provide an opportunity to get up-close and personal with Lake Superior just steps from some of the city’s busiest hotels and restaurants.

But the Lakewalk also takes visitors out of downtown along the lake shore. High above the shore, it provides great views of the harbor and the city’s signature lift bridge as it winds past art and plantings before running into the beautiful gardens at Leif Ericson Park.     
While formally identified as a rose garden, the park includes a number of gardens – all with views back to the harbor -- making it a beautiful place to visit at any season.
When I visited in mid-July it was too early in the season for most of the roses, but the peonies were in full bloom.
Of course, if you get tired of flowers, you can always spend your time watching the ships move below the lift bridge in and out of the harbor. 
The gardens are located north of downtown at 13th Avenue E. Parking is readily available.

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  1. Cindy - lovely shots. I have never spent any time in Minnesota so associate the state more with snow and lakes than beautiful gardens. Peonies are my fave flowers and I wish I had a garden full of them. A pot is about $26 to buy in Calgary - over the top expensive.

  2. You need to visit sometime - great hiking and kayaking, particularly in the north and lots of flowers in the summer. Come during peony season - we'll put you up and you can enjoy the ones growing in my garden whenever you want. (Although they are not nearly as interesting as the ones in the "rose" garden in Duluth!)


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