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Memorable Travel Moments: Wine and Cheese at Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

In 2000 a business meeting brought us to the Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in October for what is probably the most glorious fall outing I’ve ever taken. Imagine the grandeur of the Tetons and Yellowstone – the mountains, forests, and wildlife – under crystal clear blue skies. It was stunning.
 And, for the most part, we had it all to ourselves.

One day a group of us packed a selection of breads, cheese, meats, and a few bottles of good wine and headed over to Yellowstone to watch Old Faithful. With the exception of a couple of families and a handful of college students (maybe a dozen people in all), we had the place to ourselves and no one complained when we pulled out our provisions and set up lunch – complete with the appropriate wine to accompany our meal.

While we ate, Old Faithful put on its regularly scheduled show.  
I ended up with a sunburn and warm memories of a perfect fall day spent with friends in an amazing place.

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