The Seychelles by Land

On the Road in a Car
Rental cars are available on Mahé and Praslin and provide a good way to see the islands if you are not afraid of driving on the left (British style) on narrow, winding roads with sometimes sheer drop-offs.

If you do rent a car, a number of rental agencies operate out of the airport. However, even if you have a pre-booked reservation, it is quite possible that no one will be at the rental spot when you arrive. Make sure you have a way to contact them on arrival.

Also note that the car will be given to you with whatever gas was left in the tank from the last renter – this means it could be bone dry. There is a gas station across the street. Use it. There are very few gas stations on the island and maps indicating the location of gas stations may be out of date or just plain inaccurate.

Taxi service is available on Mahé and Praslin and, to a limited degree, on La Digue and can be hired for touring. In addition, many of the larger, more upscale hotels can arrange drivers.

On the Road in a Bus
Mahé has regular bus service and bus stops throughout the island.

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