Photo Thursday: A Moroccan Voter's Guide

When traveling in Morocco, it is not unusual to see a wall with a variety of symbols painted within a grid.

Each square in the grid belongs to a specific politic party and each party is identified by a unique symbol. While posters and other printed information may be displayed here, its most basic purpose is to display these symbols as a visual voter’s guide.

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  1. What an interesting way of working with illiterate people but what a shame the literacy levels are so low.

  2. With so many different parties, I'm sure it works equally for literate people as well.
    It's a brilliant way to accommodate all voters. Wonder if they have a high voter participation rate.

  3. I loved the fact that they found a way to include the illiterate, but the low literacy rate is really hard to accept. Even with this, voter turnout doesn't seem very high -- it wss about 45% in one of the last major elections, which was much higher than usual. But there are a lot of other factors at play besides literacy.


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