Sunday, April 14, 2013

Places to Return to: Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa

We ended our 2005 Botswana trip at Victoria Falls, but we were there shortly before the rains would start, which meant the falls were dry! Ok, not totally dry, but not the thundering wall of water I was expecting. 

The advantage (as my husband kept reminding me) was that we could clearly see the underlying geology (which was pretty interesting) and take all the pictures we wanted without swathing our camera in plastic (which was convenient).

How the falls fits into the landscape became even clearer when seen from the air.  
(The helicopter tour of the falls was totally worth the cost.)

All of this was good, but still, this isn’t what Victoria Falls is SUPPOSED to look like! I want walls of water rushing over the edge and so much mist you can barely see the falls through it. 
Photo by John Walker via Wikimedia

I’ll have to make a return trip someday. 

While I’m there, I think I’ll check out a bit more of Zambia, which also looked pretty fascinating.

More places I long to return to 

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