Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photo Thursday: On the Road in Morocco

We hired a driver for our recent trip to Morocco. Usually my husband does the driving so I can take pictures, but he misses so much that way. Hiring a driver allowed him to really enjoy the scenery and take pictures along the way without having to keep his eyes on the road. He wasn’t very excited about having to deal with police checks either, so it solved that problem as well. It also allowed us to do some back country travel that we would never have attempted on our own.

In general the main roads in Morocco are reasonably good, but there is lots of traffic of all types to contend with – even on major roadways!
This is my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday at Nancie's Budget Traveler's Sandbox. Head on over and see what she's posted this week as well as links to images from her friends all around the world.

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  1. Brings back memories. I loved the donkeys, especially when they were carrying loads of hay, and their funny little trot.

    1. The donkey's were great (poor things) - we saw them carrying crops, boxes, containers of all sorts, and even a few sheep and goats (in baskets)!

  2. Great shot! Love seeing "different" modes of transportation when I'm on the road!

  3. There were often more people on foot, motorbike, bike, or donkey than in vehicles. It made for great traffic/people watching.


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