Friday, April 26, 2013

Good Gear: 150W Power Inverter

Never get caught with a dead camera battery (or phone or iPAD) again.

This is an electric inverter – a gadget that takes DC power (produced by your car or boat's battery) and transforms it into AC power (used by your phone, camera, iPAD, and other electronic gadgets).

Having one guarantees that you won’t find yourself with dead batteries on your next road trip . . . or on your next trip into the office.

These come in various sizes, but my 150 W (Input: DC12V/Output: AC 110W) is small enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to charge my Nikon SLR as well as a slew of smaller cameras. It plugs directly into a standard automobile cigarette lighter or a marine outlet. It won’t recharge your gadgets as fast as regular AC power, but if you use it while you are on the go, it can keep you going indefinitely. 

As you can see, mine takes a standard American two/three prong plug and two USB ports.

You can use all three at once, but your gadgets will charge more slowly.

You can charge your laptop this way too, but computers run on DC power (the box on your power cord is converting AC current to DC), so an inverter is a really inefficient way to charge a computer. If you frequently use your computer while on the road, you are better off buying a DC power cord that plugs directly into a cigarette lighter/marine outlet. (I have one of those too and I love it and will feature it in a future post, as I recommend it for anyone who has/wants to work while on the move.) However, for occasional use, the inverter should keep you going.

A variety of inverters are available on line through a variety of merchants. (We were told that some auto shops carry them, but couldn’t find one that actually did.)

My sweet little inverter is a Bestek and is available through Amazon. (As are other sizes and brands.)

Purchases made through this link provide me with a small percentage of the total sale. (Thank you for supporting this travel blog!)

This really is the perfect travel tool for folks on the road – in Morocco our driver checked it out and immediately decided that the tour company should provide one in every vehicle.

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