Traveling through the Saghro Massif, Morocco

Today is our major off-road driving day as we travel through a very remote area of Morocco. The roads are rugged, although our driver tells us they are much improved since the last time he was through here about three months ago. I can see why few tourists venture here, as it is very far from anywhere, but the landscape is amazing.

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  1. Off road driving in Morocco is awesome! It is such a shame that most travelers heading to Morocco on the tour have very limited time to see the country. There are some amazing pistes where one can see the country in different way and for sure you might not encounter any tourists.
    One of them is the pass that cuts through the volcanic mountains of Sarhro, other the pass between Dades and Todra Gorge or even the one that goes from Rose Valley towards the Dades Gorge.

    1. Your so right! I actually enjoyed the back country areas more than the cities and it was amazing to be out on the Sarho Massif and see almost no one else and certainly no other tourists in such an amazing landscape. I'll be posting on that journey eventually in hopes of convincing others to get a little more off the beaten track!


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