Photo Thursday: Strange Weather in Paris

When in Paris this fall, the weather was cool and cloudy as we settled in for lunch – so cool and cloudy that even I wasn’t tempted to grab an outdoor table. Instead we choose a cozy spot indoors along a window where I could see the outdoor tables.

This turned out to be a good choice, as we were able to observe weather that was quite uncharacteristic of Paris.

As we watched, large clouds formed and raced around above the rooftops, the wind suddenly started to howl, and the skies opened up. Dainty little hailstones poured down like rain. In a few moments the sidewalks (and outdoor café tables) were white with hail.

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  1. I too love sitting outside (my first choice), but when the weather is difficult there is nothing nicer than absorbing the atmosphere inside with a view of the outside. Good capturing of the hail. Coffee and rain - perfect.

  2. Ditto! There is nothing more wonderful than an outdoor cafe table in Paris on a beautiful day and nothing more miserable than that same table in wet/cold/chilly/otherwise weather.

  3. Nothing worse than getting a table outside and then having to move in to a less good table. We had tons of hail in Calgary last August - including some that was truly the size of golfballs.

  4. how fascinating :) i like too rainy

  5. Cool photo. Paris in any kind of weather is a wonderful place. :)


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