A Small Cactus Garden, Scottsdale, Arizona

The Heard Museum North (located in the far northern end of Scottsdale) has a small regular exhibit as well as a temporary ledger art show.     

It’s a lovely little show and I enjoy the art (and the very nice gift shop), but I’m also eager to spend some time communing with the cacti that frame the museum’s small patio.  
(It has been an unusually cold winter down here. . . I assume this the reason for the Styrofoam pot hats.)  
 Intriguing sculpture comes in many forms.

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  1. What a beautiful garden in Scottsdale! It's so neat that the landscape allows you to grow these cactus. I couldn't plant anything like that here.

  2. Isn't it lovely? I find cacti so interesting visually, but I can't grow them outdoors either - I have to escape to places like Arizona to see them. It's so nice to have lots of gardens - including cactus gardens -- to visit!


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