The Dream List: Longing for Laos

We visited Laos for a few hours on a Mekong River cruise on our trip to Thailand in 2006. I loved being on the water and was intrigued by this glimpse of Laos.

A return trip to the region, with more time on the Mekong and to explore Laos, has been on my travel list ever since.

It will be hard to choose how to spend my time here, however, as there are so many things to see and do in this small place. Luang Prabang, the former royal capital of Laos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and cultural capital of Laos is a must, but there is so much to see throughout the country:
By Axel, via Wikimedia Commons
West pagoda in Vientiane, by Mattes, via Wikimedia Commons

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