Thursday, January 10, 2013

Photo Thursday: Last Glance at the Seychelles

I'm finally just about done editing and posting on my Seychelles trip so thought I would share some of my last views of the island, as seen from the garden outside my hotel room.

Remind me why we didn't stay.

This is my contribution to Nancie's Budget Traveler's Sandbox for the Thursday Photo post. Head on over and check it out for additional travel inspiration.

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  1. I'm not sure why you didn't stay...but when are you going back!!

  2. If this is the view from the garden, I would have had a hard time leaving to explore! I would want to curl up on a bench with a good book and a good drink!

    1. The view from the garden was pretty amazing. We spent quite a bit of time just enjoying it!

  3. Gosh, yes, why exactly did you not stay again? What a beautiful view!

  4. Gorgeous views and from your hotel room?? Normally I have another building to look at or even worse, air conditioning units at the places I stay!! :)

    I also host a weekly link-up on Fridays that I am trying to get new recruits for - it's called Friday Daydreamin - asking everyone to link up their favorite post of the week - hope you can link up this week! Thanks!

  5. Those aren't what I expected to see at all. I love all the rocks.I bet the bird life was pretty good just outside your window too.


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