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What'cha doing here while I'm in Seattle?

I'll have new posts coming about fall in Seattle - including stories and images from Discovery Park, Fisherman's Terminal, and Fremont. . . but you'll need to visit the to check them out! 

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I'm in Columbus

Hey there, head on over to the ExplorationVacation and see what I've been up to in Columbus, Ohio. 

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Photos for Sale!

I now have a website to sell my photos!  
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunset from Our Backyard, Leech Lake, Minnesota

The clouds that have hung overhead all day break up just enough to allow for a wonderful sunset.  
 Don’t let the pictures fool you. This was no calm, quiet sunset. . . even as the sky lit up with soft pink reflections, the wind continued to howl. I was careful to maintain firm footing while shooting so I wouldn’t find myself suddenly being blown down onto the rocks along the shore below!  

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End of the Summer at Leech Lake

Up at the Lake  

Hiking the North Country Trail, Walker, Minnesota

The North Country National Scenic Trail winds through northern Minnesota near the city of Walker.

Our friends have hiked various sections of the trail in this area previously and want to take a short, maybe half-mile, hike that passes a meadow and small wetland. It sounds lovely, so we head into the woods.
It’s quiet and beautiful and will be even more so in a few weeks when the poplar, birch and maple start to put on their fall colors. 
After a mile or more we reach the meadow.
The wetland lies just a short distance farther down the trail.  
 It was a lot more than a half-mile hike, but it was lovely.  

There is trailhead (with parking) for the North Country Trail at Lake Erin where the trail crosses state highway 371. From the parking lot, follow the trail to the right past the lake. (Watch for poison ivy as you enter the woods.) We probably walked a couple of miles to get to the meadow and wetland featured here. This section should be stunningly beautiful in spring when the flowers are blooming and again in fall when the leaves are turning.

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End of the Summer at Leech Lake

The North Country Trail

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

On the Water: Leech Lake, Minnesota

We’ve rented a pontoon for an afternoon on and in the water.

Our lake tour starts with a glimpse of the birds that hang out on Gull Island.
We see lots of loons along the way too.
A few dark clouds hang low on the horizon, but it is a beautiful day on the water, perfect for cruising the coast or jumping off the boat for a swim.  
The afternoon comes to an end both too soon and just in time – we pull into the marina under rapidly darkening skies.  
Soon the wind comes up with the approach of a late summer thunderstorm. It is a dramatic end to a lovely lazy day.

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End of Summer at Leech Lake
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From Trapper’s Landing to Whipholt Beach, Minnesota

It is a beautiful morning for a walk, so we are off on a little ramble between our lodge at Trapper’s Landing and Whipholt Beach.

Once we pass the marina that serves Trapper’s Landing, the path takes us through the woods to the tiny lakeside settlement of Whipholt.  
While describing this as the “Whipholt Beach Business District” seems a bit optimistic, it does look like a pleasant place to spend the summer. .  especially if I could snag one of those cabins that seem to hang right above the water.
We keep walking until we reach a long, broad beach on the other side of town – a perfect escape on even the hottest of days!   
What more could one ask of a little lake town?

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End of Summer at Leech Lake

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