Photo Thursday: Lake Wabana in Winter

I haven't had a chance to get up to northern Minnesota in the winter for awhile, so brought out a few photos taken some years ago on Lake Wabana near Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

To me, this is still what Christmas looks like. 

This is my submission for Photo Thursday at Nancie's Budget Traveler's Sandbox. Nancie should be back in Thailand by now, so she will have a very different take on winter. Check it out for more images and stories from around the world.


  1. Yes, these certainly capture a Christmas scene as I would define it! Brrrrrr.. ..

  2. It looks soooo cold! I hate the snow; good thing I live in the Philippines haha

  3. As much as winter can be long there's something about a white Christmas I always find very appealing. We had a white Christmas in Calgary and are off to enjoy three days of cross country skiing tomorrow. That lake looks perfect for cross country skiing.

  4. Now this is what Christmas should look like!

  5. Yep, that does look like winter. Where I live, winter looks like Seattle (even though its California).

  6. That's how I always picture Christmas even though I've lived most of my life in Texas where it's only snowed briefly once on Christmas day. Now that I'm in the tropics, Christmas is hot and humid.


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