Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photo Thursday: Anse Volbert

Keeping to themes from my recent trip to the Seychelles, here is a shot of some (momentarily vacant) chairs at the edge of the sand on Anse Volbert on Praslin.  
And here is what you would see if you sitting in one of those chairs. 
Not a bad view!

(Yeah, I could have spent more time here.)

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  1. Not bad at all!
    The water looks so inviting, hope you took a dip.

  2. Looks very lovely. Was it stinking hot??

  3. Yes. It was stinking hot. And humid too. That made the water look even more attractive!

  4. Beautiful and it looks so relaxing! What a wonderful trip this must have been!

  5. Nice! I would love to do some serious beach time here.

  6. Yes, I think a week here would have been good. But then, there were a number of beaches I felt that way about!


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