Thursday, October 25, 2012


We have moved one bay down,  from Baie Ternay to Port Launay.
 The sun is shining when we arrive – it’s a beautiful evening.  
Still, it’s time to think about cooking dinner.

The other day the folks on Big Cat caught a wahoo. We aren’t sure how big the fish was, but it was large enough to share with the other boats. Our share looks like enough to feed a dozen or more. We’ve been saving ours (we have a LOT of meat aboard) and have decided that tonight is the night.

Of course, first we have to figure out how to cut it up. . . . 
That’s a bit of a challenge, but after that it’s easy and the results are delicious.

We end our meal with a call over the radio to Big Cat: “WAHOO!!! Thank you!”

Life is good.

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