The Harbor at La Passe on La Digue


  1. I will be sailing around the Seychelles this August and I am curious about anchoring in La Digue Harbor. Was it difficult to anchor there? It is hard to get a sense from pictures on the web.

  2. Oh how lovely! It's really a beautiful place. La Digue is a fun island - gorgeous beaches and an interesting little community with good dining options. It was one of my favorite spots. We were anchored right in by the shore, which was a little tricky because we were traveling with several boats and the harbor already had quite a few anchored there, so it was really tight to move around. Once we were in place we actually tied the boats together (ours and others) because there wasn't any space to swing. (I think that's usually how they handle it.) However, if you don't mind coming in a little farther with the dingy, there seemed to be lots of space to anchor further from shore. Of course, this was four years ago, so things may have changed.


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