Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo Thursday: Signs of the Season

The seemingly endless election season here in the United States is finally working its way to a close. This last month is shaping up to be particularly nasty - which seems to make it a good time to schedule a trip to some place very far away from the news cycle in the U.S.

Having said that, I always enjoy seeing all the lawn signs scattered about proclaiming the political leanings of each property owner. There is something rather festive about it all.

This year, some of the hardest fought races in my part of the world revolve around ballot issues. Since we've been carpeting the city with "Vote No" signs, I think it was very thoughtful of the folks behind this campaign to use seasonally appropriate colors. 

But I am done with fall. The leaves are almost gone and in a few weeks the electoral winners and losers will both be thinking about whatever comes next.

It's time to think about other places and seasons. One way to do that is to check out Nancie's Budget Travelers Sandbox.  There are sure to be great images posted there and links to more from all around the world.

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