When Night Falls on the Midway at the Minnesota State Fair

I love the Minnesota State Fair at any time of day, but I'm particularly fond of the Midway at night.
What a fabulous, surreal end to summer!

The Minnesota State Fair closes out the summer every year for twelve days before and on Labor Day. A full schedule and ticket information is available on the website. 

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  1. Love these, nice work Travel Gal! Please tell us how you shot them - f,sec,ISO,(Photoshop?) Thanks!

  2. The secret to my night shots is that I'm not very good at it and don't know what I'm doing, so I set the camera on aperture priority and then I tweak the focal length and the amount of light to find a balance I like. So, for the picture with the fireworks behind the ride, I actually focused on the back edge of the ride and then tried to time my shots for when there were both fireworks and the ride swinging across them. That let me get the (not as bright) fireworks in the background without completely blowing out the lights nearest me. That shot was taken at f/20 with a 1.3 second exposure and an ISO of 250 to minimize grain. (Or so my camera tells me.) I did a little darkening/lighting in my regular editing program to hold the colors, but that's it. No Photo Shop. The only editing on these was to brighten up the shadows and tone down the highlights a bit.


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