Photo Thursday: Wood End Lighthouse in Provincetown

I've been traveling this week, spending time with friends around Cape Cod and in the Boston area in Massachusetts.

While you wait for the full story to be posted, here is a hint of what will come.
This is the Wood End Lighthouse, just outside P-town, as seen from the ferry.

I can't think of a better place to be on a perfect summer day, but I'm sure that Nancie and her friends at the Budget Travelers Sandbox have some ideas of their own. Head on over and check it out.


  1. Great shot - I love lighthouses! We are presently traveling in Atlantic Canada so I've been taking quite a few pics of lighthouses the last week or so as well!

    1. I enjoyed seeing the pictures you had posted and am looking forward to more. . . including lots of lighthouses!

  2. It's been a long time since I've been to Cape Cod. But when we lived in Niagara-on -the -Lake and in Toronto we would go down for a week at a time. I have nothing but great memories of the place.

  3. Hi there,
    Love the ocean and lighthouses, I can imagine walking along the beach. Nice Shot.

  4. Beautiful! I've always loved the lighthouses and beach scenery of New England. Safe travels!

  5. Beautiful and peaceful shot. I could easily relax here listening to the sounds of the ocean around me.

  6. New England's scenery looks gorgeous. I still have to make my way up to Maine and around Cape Cod. I keep hearing it's beautiful. My travels to that area only extend to a week during Christmas time around Weare, New Hampshire. Not enough!

    - Maria Alexandra

  7. Lovely picture! I've been to Boston only once, but never out to the pretty beaches in the area. It's on the list :)

  8. GORGEOUS! I love lighthouses! I hope you will consider adding your post to Friday Daydreamin' this week! Thanks!

  9. Beautiful photo...very peaceful- perfect for a holiday break!

  10. This has such a peaceful feel. Plus, I love lighthouses!

  11. Thanks, all. I really enjoy the Cape - we've been there in every season but winter and there are always spots that feel peaceful and serene, although getting to them in high-season may be rather stress-inducing.


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