Photo Thursday: Cheetahs

I'm going back in time for this week's Photo Thursday.
I shot these cheetahs in the Kalahari on a trip to Botswanna in 2005. It was a magical morning where we seemed to have the whole Kalahari to ourselves and had all the time in the world to game watch. This family let us watch them for a long time. It was wonderful.

I love Africa and wish I were back there again.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!

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  2. Amazing shot. I see why you say you love Africa. I have never been, but people I know speak very highly about their adventures in the land of our origins...

  3. It can feel crowded and abused and bad, like anywhere, but when you are off on the land, it is just breathtaking. There's a connection there. I hope you get to go there sometime!


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