Photo Thursday: A Junk Yard with Attitude

I was out roaming around the county roads of central Minnesota last weekend. Most of the scenery consisted of the usual rural images (corn, soybeans, wetlands, prairie flowers, and old barns), but then we came to this.
 I think it is the Easter Island of the Tin Men.

And, while I retain the title of discoverer, you could own it. Yes, this could all be yours. . . if you can just find the rest of that phone number.

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  1. It makes me smile to look at this. What a great idea.

  2. This is great! I love running into these quirky little things that make you go huh???

  3. I just love how creative some people can be. Who would have thought there could be art in this, eh?

    1. Some people really have an amazing ability to see art in ordinary objects - it's nice of them to provide such great photo ops!

  4. this is a kick-ass junk yard and i love it! so artistic and so funny

  5. How cool is that - wonderful photo.

  6. I love quirky and unusual attractions like these. Way to catch people's attention. I wonder if they figured out their information is incomplete :)

  7. Very nice capture. A close-up of the tin men would have been great as well. Does the site have other such treasures?

  8. Yeah, I've been thinking that I'm going to come by here again next time and actually shoot the site the way it deserves. This was drive-by and it wasn't a good spot to try to stop - I'd have to plan better! I don't think there were others (mostly old tractors and farm machinery and parts), but it warrants an extra review.

  9. That's wonderful! I love driving around and finding unusual sights, and this junkyard with a sense of humor is great.


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