Yapta Rocks

I’ve been watching airfare to Boston for a few months now, looking for a reasonable fare for a late summer trip. $380 - $420 seemed to be the range I was working with if I wanted to fly on anything other than Spirit Airlines. (And I did NOT want to fly Spirit.) Because I’m in Minnesota, my preferred airline is Delta (love those direct flights and seeing those miles add up in my frequent flier account – something I need since cashing out most of my miles for Business class travel to the Seychelles earlier this year), but Sun Country and United looked like potential second-choices.

Long story short, I got sick of checking and decided to try yapta.  

I did a flexible search to determine the dates when the lowest prices were most likely then added a bunch of them them to my search. . . and then my mailbox began to fill with notices.

After about a week, this one showed up in my inbox:
This flight was $340 when I first flagged it, so $260 represented a substantial savings. It was actually a lower price than I had been hoping for!

(As I write this, the price for this flight is $438.)

We booked at this price, although not for these exact dates and times, as prices had also dropped for shorter trips (which had been substantially more expensive earlier) that allow me to visit our East Coast friends without missing as many days of work. That represented an even better deal.


Yapta alerted me to a great price that, unlike so many other airfare “deals,” was actually easy to find and book. The site is straightforward and easy to use.

Yapta is a travel tool that actually works.

It’s unlikely I’ll ever book a flight again without using yapta and I’d recommend the same to anyone else. Yapta truly rocks.


  1. Yapta sounds like a great site! I'll definitely be checking it out the next time I'm looking to book a flight.

    1. I was really impressed with how well it worked. Maybe I got lucky, but it was pretty simple and really did find a great price. Good luck and happy travels!


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