Art at Saint Kate’s

It is a miserably hot, almost unbearably humid summer day in Minnesota, the kind of day where a storm could brew up at any time – and you sort of wish it would just to cool things down a bit. It is the kind of day where there is sure to be an outdoor craft fair somewhere!

Indeed, today is the Art at St. Kate’s show.
 In some ways it is a perfect day for an outdoor art event – 
Banners by Margaret Dobbin
 but it is hot.

There are so many beautiful things here in glass, wood, clay, fiber, and metal by many, many wonderful artists. Among the gorgeous things begging for my attention (and dollars) are elegant pottery by Nick Devries, a beautiful pendant by Margaret Dittrich,  hats by Emily Graf, glass by Jon Offutt, shawls and jackets by Lori Monson, keepsake pendants by Jaana Mattson, and so much more. 
Jon Offutt discusses the beautiful glass he makes
Elegant pottery by Nick Devries
The Dittrich pendant almost goes home with me (I have her card and am still thinking about it), but the only thing I actually buy before the heat and humidity do me in is a couple of strikingly simple, delicate, and elegant necklaces by Marti Johnson.
 The College of Saint Catherine in Saint Paul used to be the site of a big two-day show every June. It was always a great show, but frequently subject to horrendous weather – high winds, drenching rain, the occasional tornado. That show ended when the sponsoring organization closed down. In recent years the Art at St. Kate’s show has been sponsored by the Artist’s Circle and the Textile Center,  with the same focus on high quality local and regional crafts in all mediums. The show is juried and the quality is extremely high.

Look for it next year.
Until then, the summer outdoor craft fair season is in full swing now:
There’s still time to celebrate (and buy!) art this summer. 
Figurine by Barbara Bend