Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Denver Cruisers Are Out

We were surprised to come across what seemed to be hundreds of people out on their bikes, most in very large groups, traveling along the streets that cross the 16th Street Mall. I’d already realized Denver is filled with bikers (there are bikes everywhere, even though the road system looks pretty hostile for bikes), but the number of folks out on their bikes tonight seems extraordinary.
Indeed. We have come across the Denver Cruisers Wednesday night ride, a weekly event that has been growing over the years to include huge numbers of bikers. Tonight’s theme is Cradle to Grave, which helps explain some of the rather odd outfits we have seen.

While I’m sure there is plenty of controversy about this event, it seems to indicate that Denver is a place where a lively, active social scene is at least tolerated and, perhaps, even encouraged. That culture should help the city attract and retain the innovative and creative workers that it will need in the future. Go Cruisers!

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