Thursday Photo: Pomegranate Juice, Anyone?

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is available everywhere in Istanbul and vendors always prominently display the fruit they are using.
Why buy a bottle of plain old water when you can have fresh pomegranate juice? Just remember that even the ripest pomegranates are pretty tart!

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  1. I'd definitely prefer fresh squeezed to bottled water. Can't say I've had fresh squeezed pomegranate jus though.

  2. I know how Pom from the store tastes and I love it - so I wonder how much tarter this is?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I tried it at another place and they don't add any sweetener at all, so it was pretty tart! That was surprising, because people in Turkey generally seem to have a real fondness for super-sweet treats.

  4. Yes please - a fresh glass of pomegranate juice sounds delicious - and I like tart.

  5. I've never had fresh pomegranate but it certainly looks refreshing!

  6. That's odd. How come I never noticed this when I was in Istanbul? I love fresh fruit juices!

    1. You were probably too distracted by all the wonderful architecture!


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