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Photo Thursday: A DIY Playground in Johannesburg

The grounds of the Protea Hotel Wanderers  in Johannesburg is quite varied, with a lawn bowling field and large clubhouse. . . but my favorite spot was the playground behind the clubhouse with this wonderful do-it-yourself swing set.
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At April 05, 2012 8:07 AM, Anonymous InsideJourneys said...

This looks like it'd be a lot of fun.

At April 05, 2012 3:31 PM, Anonymous Bob R said...

Definitely the kind of reuse/recycle we should see much more or.

At April 05, 2012 11:08 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

I love the colors! It looks like a fun place!

At April 06, 2012 8:53 AM, Blogger Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

Wow - humbling compared to the monstrosities they build here.

At April 06, 2012 1:52 PM, Blogger Travel Gal said...

It almost looks like abstract art, with all those clean lines and bright colors. I suspect the kids have a good time!

At April 06, 2012 1:53 PM, Blogger Travel Gal said...

And I suspect kids have as much fun using it.

At April 06, 2012 1:54 PM, Blogger Travel Gal said...

It just takes some creativity!


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