Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

 It’s that time of year again when the St. Paul Pioneer Press announces the winners in the annual Peeps diorama competition.  

Keeping with the theme of travel and places, I’ll start my journey through the world of Peeps here at home.  "We Are the 99% Sugar,” imagines what a Peeps Occupy protest might look like in downtown Saint Paul.
 But spring is the beginning of the travel season, so most of us are thinking about heading out of town for a bit of a vacation – of course, that means dodging road construction.
 For some folks, the ideal vacation is a weekend get-away in an idyllic small town like Peepsville, preferably when a celebration is underway, as is the case in this year’s second place winner.
Most Minnesotans, however, will want to get out of all towns and spend some time up north at their favorite lake. Obviously, Peeps also enjoy a summer trip north as a way to “Explore Minnesota.”

Happy Trails to all you Peeps out there.

(All photos are from the contest web site)

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