Friday, March 16, 2012

Morning in Duluth

It is a beautiful day to be heading up the shore, but first we stop at Amazing Grace for a little (or not so little) breakfast and some freshly baked goodies to take north with us.

Then we do a little looking and shopping in the rest of the Dewitt Seitz building at Blue Heron (specialty foods and cooking supplies), the Art Dock (local arts and crafts), Two & Co. (women’s clothing), and - my perennial favorite - Northern Waters Smokehouse (fabulous smoked fish and meats). Of course, we also head around the corner to the soon-to-be-renamed Sivertson’s Gallery.     (Last night we had a chance to wander through wonderful Lizzard’s Gallery - this is a great town for art!) 

Baked goods, smoked fish, and other indulgences securely tucked away, it is time to continue our journey north.

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