Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Pope has Died

No, not the Pope in Rome, but the Coptic Pope Shenouda III - the only pope (thus far)  to bless me.

I was fortunate to receive a blessing from the Pope when I was in Egypt a few years ago.

It was clear at that time that the Pope was a savvy politician who had figured out a way to secure a certain degree of autonomy and security for the Coptic community. It was also clear that he was greatly loved by his Coptic followers.

As I've been watching the changes spinning out from last year's Arab spring, I've been thinking of Egypt's Coptic community - wondering what the future holds for them, whether the Pope could navigate this changed landscapes, and how the future would unfold if this Pope was not there to guide this community. I guess now we will find out.

May God bless him and may he rest in peace. But mostly, I wish God's blessing for the Coptic people, for all the people of Egypt, that they find the future filled with peace and prosperity.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Photo Thursday: A Northern Minnesota Summer Day - In March

I was along the shore of Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota over the weekend and, while it wasn't quite as warm as it was back home, we still had temperatures in the 70s. It was unseasonably warm and everyone was out taking advantage of it.

This shot is from Artist's Point in Grand Marais. For some reason I'd never gotten out here before, but I'll definitely be back - maybe when summer arrives for real.
 I can just imagine relaxing in one of those pools on a hot summer day!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winter Becomes Spring

A drive around the back roads makes it clear that, while the temperatures feel like summer, winter still lingers in isolated spots. Not clearly one or the other, it must be spring!

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Sugarloaf Cove

Sugarloaf Cove natural area, along the Lake Superior shore near Schroeder, tends to be a quiet and tranquil place, which is true on this perfect spring day.

The nature trail winds through the woods to an ancient rock outcrop at the water’s edge.
 From there we follow the trail down to the rocky beach.
I love the way the beach changes, from areas with rounded pebbles so small they would get lost in my pocket to those with large smooth boulders.
This area was logged and a short walk takes us past a number of reminders of those days – although we aren’t exactly sure what part of the operation these remnants represent.

 We aren’t quite the only ones out here today, but nearly so.
 It's a peaceful place.
 It appears there is a waterfall up just a bit, but my companions refuse to hike there with me.
Maybe I’ll get there on some other perfect day.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Evening Comes to the Beach

On the beach below our room, fog begins to fill the gap that is being left as the sun prepares to leave for the day.

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Happy St. Pat's Day from Grand Marais

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from the warm and sunny shores of Lake Superior!

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Artists’ Point

It is too beautiful to be inside (even to look at art). Instead, we head out to the lighthouse at Artists’ Point, where we can soak in the sun right in sight of Grand Marais.
I’m surprised I’ve not been out here before, but then again, I am usually in Grand Marais in the winter (or nearly-winter) when this walkway is either inaccessible or unpleasantly cold and windy or both.  Why it is that I only come to this summer destination in the off-season is harder to understand. . . and something in need of changing!

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