Gypsies and Dragons on the Streets in the North Loop

We were over in Minneapolis' North Loop neighborhood (the neighborhood behind the Twins stadium) for an art exhibit where Maury Landsman (one of my classmates in Italy) is showing his work.

Afterwards we found this car parked out front.

It's the Dragon Car - part of Minneapolis' art car scene.

While the Dragon Car's owner paid for parking (inexpensive, but enforced until 10 p.m.), her Gypsy friend worked on her accent while trying to convince me I needed a potion that would make me successful and wealthy in business.

The potion was actually rather enticing, as wealth in business would be nice even if I'm not sure what business I'm in, but I wasn't completely convinced so I asked for a business card. Tonight it was the 10 of clubs, so I'm not quite sure how to find her again. . . However, I have reason to believe that Patti Paulson, creator of the Lipstick Car, would know.

Just another night in this great city.