Drop Everything and Go to the Museum of Russian Art TODAY

I don't know why I have to wait until a show is ready to close, but I do.

I did it again. We finally got to the Antiquities from Ukraine show on Saturday and it was marvelous and now it closes today! While the whole show is fascinating, the golden treasures on display are among the best I've ever seen. The art and workmanship on display is simply amazing.

It's hard to tell in this photo, but that small necklace in the lower left-hand corner (labeled 25) is comprised of a string of perfect minute gold blossoms. It is exquisite.

So really, you need to go today. Just forget about whatever it was you had planned to do.

If you do miss the Antiquities show, not all is lost. There is also a Oleg Vassiliev show on that is quite wonderful. The lower level exhibit of the House with the Mezzanine is pretty intense, but accessible and gorgeous. (And on display into April) The paintings on the upper level of stunning - especially when viewed at an angle where the images seem to really come to life. (But only on display TODAY.) It's impressive work by a Russian master who now calls the Twin Cities home.

Oh, and don't miss the transit-theme Vassiliev exhibit in the hall leading to the gift shop.

These were not deemed as acceptable by the establishment, but I found them to be witty and intelligent.

I'm just sorry I didn't see them sooner so I could drag each and everyone of you over to see them too!