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Lake Superior's North Shore


A North Shore Summer Weekend - in March (March 2012)

Along the Lake Blueberry Season and the Gunflint Trail - beginning with Blueberries! (August 2011)
March Along the North Shore
(March 2011)
Early Winter Along the North Shore
- Lake views and the High Falls at Grand Portage State Park (November 2010)
March Along the North Shore
- Duluth, the lake, and Grand Marais (March 2010)
(August 2008)
Lake Superior Shoreline (August 2008)
Looking Down to the Beaver River (August 2008)
North Shore Colors
(September 2007)


Martinis for Dinner
and the Lift Bridge at Night (August 2011)
A Grey Day
(March 2010)
Lake Superior View
, Before Sunrise, and A Chilly Day (January 2009)
Evening by the Lift Bridge
(August 2008)
Duluth Harbor Cruise (August 2008)
Morning Along the Waterfront (August 2008)
Below the Lift Bridge and Behind the Building (August 2008)
At the Rainbow's End
(September 2007)
Good-Bye, Duluth! (September 2007)
Duluth (September 2007)
Shipping Season has Begun - Duluth (April 2007)

Northern Minnesota and the Gunflint Trail

Leech Lake

Lake Vermilion (July 2012)

The End of the Gunflint Trail (August 2012)
The Back Route to the Gunflint Trail (August 2012)
North Shore Colors (September 2007)
Leaf Season (September 2006)

Plains and Prairies
End of Summer Landscapes in Central Minnesota (August 2013)

Old Barn in Rural Minnesota (June 13, 2013)
Better than a Bacon Cheeseburger (June 13, 2013) - Sauk Centre
The Best Freeway Bakery Stop: The Clearwater Travel Plaza (September 2012)
A Scenic Drive in Central Minnesota (July 2012) - Sauk Centre to Big Lake

Saint Croix Valley
Pottery and Potholes - Saint Croix Valley Pottery Tour (May 2010)
Christmas Shopping in Stillwater (December 2008)
An (Almost) Perfect Saturday in October (October 2008)

On the Saint Croix Pottery Trail (May 2007)
Interstate Park (May 2006)

Southeastern Minnesota

Twin Cities Metro Area

Western Suburbs
Biking Lake Minnetonka (August 2012)
Noerenberg Gardens (August 2012)