Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Lights on the Mall

On our way to the Mall I get a clear view of the Capitol – there is a Christmas tree on the Capitol grounds! I want to photograph this.

Of course, I want to be closer, so we head over to the Botanical Garden in order to work our way around the reflecting pool.

This is a better place to shoot than I would have expected, but I still want to get right up under that Christmas tree on the lawn. Unfortunately, it turns out that there is a good solid fence between me and the Capitol Christmas tree. Since there isn’t any way around it, it seems the best I can do is set up on top of it (it’s one of those nice wide concrete walls). Of course, I’m kind of short and not very good at climbing, so I send Lane up with the tripod, which probably annoys him – I think he’s afraid the park police will come over and haul him away!

It wasn’t really worth the effort though. . .

At least it is a nice night to be out.

And the police drive by without stopping.

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