Morning Game Drive (Kruger)

Krueger is South Africa’s premier game park, but this area is very brushy, with few of the open expanses we saw throughout Botswana.

Juan is continually conversing with the other guides one where they have seen game or are planning to go in search of game. It’s sort of odd – I had feared massive amounts of vehicles converging at every sighting, but the limited number of visitors allowed into Kruger (and the size of the park) seems to really reduce the odds of that happening – instead there is this continued radio exchange and then racing about in order to get to a “good” sighting before it is too late.

This is how we got our best look at the rhinos, although we almost missed them (one of the other groups did) because the guide who found them gave the wrong info out over the radio. The rhinos had actually been on the road, but by the time we found them – after Jaun went zipping all over in the wrong area looking for them – they had moved into the woods. (And yes, there were two of them, although you can only see one in the above picture. While the radio chatter probably does make it more likely that visitors will see a lot of game, it makes the game drive seem rather unfocused and frenzied. I think that there are some advantages to taking one’s time and sitting still and watching and watching and waiting on occasion.

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