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This afternoon we have signed up for an optional visit to the Lion Park.

It’s sort of like a game park, but with fences to separate the predators from the prey and an area where you can pet lion cubs. I’d generally not partake of this sort of outing because a.) it sounds too much like a wildlife theme park and b.) lions are wild animals and should not be part of a petting zoo. On the other hand, lions are hard to spot in the wild and it would be fun to get an up-close and personal look at a cub.

Our visit begins with a game drive through the section reserved for antelope and other prey species. There are a lot of types of antelope represented here, along with Burchell’s zebra and a few giraffe.

The cubs are in two pens adjacent to a larger pen of adult lions. Visitors are allowed into the pens with the cubs for 10 or 15 minutes to pet and photograph the cubs. Handlers instruct visitors on how to pet the cubs (back and stomach rubs are good, stay away from the head and paws) and make sure both cubs and the visitors behave.

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  1. Cindy these are wonderful pictures!
    good memories


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