Thursday Photo - Window Shopping in Copenhagen

I found the window reflections in Denmark really interesting and spent a lot of time trying to capture the complexity of the image without it being incomprehensible.

I’m sure my husband got tired of waiting for me to finish shooting, but at least it kept me from going into the stores and spending money! (A very good thing in an expensive country like Denmark.)

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  1. I like window reflections, too. You did a nice job -- time well spent!

  2. This was a challenging subject that you chose. Catching reflection swithout it being incomprehensible is challenging. I like this - I like the way it looks like a ghost photo on top of a normal Danish street.

  3. Um... thought I would repost my comment. I clicked the wrong button and now you have no idea who I am. Still love the picture. Love the ghost effect. Especially the reflection of the vase!

  4. Lovely shot. Reflections are always great!

    Thanks for posting to Travel Photo Thursday.


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