We had “snacks” late in the day in a cozy courtyard in Nyhavn. By snacks, I really mean lunch. . .

(They were delicious but there were a LOT of them.)

I really shouldn’t need to eat again today, but we have promised to introduce my cousins to sushi and, well, there is always room for sushi!

I spend a fair amount of time researching sushi options in Copenhagen and settle on which is described as a small family-run place near our hotel.

We are greeted warmly when we enter Bento, and then immediately quizzed as to whether or not we are Danish. Huh? My cousins explain that they are Finnish, but no, that won’t do either. You have to be Danish to eat here?

It turns out that they don’t take anything but a certain Danish credit card, hence the concern over our not being Danish. They do take cash though and a quick inventory of our combined cash-on-hand indicates we have enough money on us to eat a reasonable dinner without spending time doing dishes.

This small, family place turns out to be perfect for first-time sushi eaters, with several nice assortments of lovely fresh fish at reasonable prices. Yum!

I think my cousins even decide that sushi is pretty good.