On a Mission for Jan

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We have free time this afternoon, so Lane and I are finally going to spend some time exploring the city together. (He’s been doing most of his sight-seeing without me while I’ve been working on my assignments.) While we could spend that time in museums (there are a couple, including an Etruscan museum that I would really like to see), instead we head out on a shopping mission.

A number of years ago our friend Jan bought some lovely, delicately painted plates when she was here.

She wants more of them and we like them well enough that, if we can find them, we plan to buy some for ourselves too and ship the whole bunch back together.

IF we can find them. There are a lot of places here that sell ceramics.

Many are pretty fungible, but there are some lovely, interesting things too.

None, however, match Jan’s plates or even seem compatible with them.

Whether any end up coming home for our kitchen is still an open question.

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