Summer 2010 European Tour with My Father

All my life I have heard my father talk about his time in the army when he was stationed in Berlin. It is a place I have always wanted to visit with him and I regularly wear his jacket commemorating his time there. I thought I would finally get my chance four years ago and then our plans fell through. This summer I finally got my chance.

It will take me quite awhile to get all the photos edited and posted, but as I do I will index them here.

July 27 - Almost in the Air

July 28 - Salzburg, Austria
July 29 – Salzburg, Austria, and Berchtesgaden, Germany

July 30 – Salzburg and the Austrian Lake Country

July 31 – Salzburg

August 1 – By Train to Berlin

August 2 – Berlin Germany
  • The Reichstag

August 3, 2010 – Wittenberg, Germany

August 4 – Berlin

August 5 – Potsdam and Berlin

August 6 – Spandau and Berlin

August 7 – Berlin

August 8 – Travel to Finland

August 9 – Kronoby, Finland

August 10 – Kokkola, Kronoby, and the surrounding area

August 11 – Traveling through Finland by Train and Ship

August 12 -
August 13 – Touring Rural Sweden

August 14 -
August 15 –Trip Details