Almost in the Air

We seem to be off to a good start (aside from the collection of dead pens I apparently brought with me): I got everything organized and packed (as far as I can tell), finished what HAD to be done at work (from home, via my personal computer), finally found a cart to whisk us to gate G22 (it took awhile), no problem with our first class seats (Dad is flying on my frequent flier miles and it seemed too good to be true), and we have a pilot who actually has a sense of humor (I was beginning to think TSA had banned that) and who has been roaming surveying the first-time first-class fliers and all the kids as to whether they would like to fly upside down or right-side up.

This seemed as if it would be a quick change, but we spend over an hour on the runway waiting for a rain shower at the end of the runway to clear. I know this is true because I noticed the poorly located and very isolated rainstorm through my window. But an hour seems like a long time to wait for a storm that is so localized that it is barely cloudy where we are waiting on the runway and there are only a few drops of rain.

It could be worse. When we fly out, I count 34 planes waiting to take off after us.

And now we really are on our way.