Friday, May 28, 2010

At the Art Museum

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I’m not actually expecting great things of the nearby Portland Art Museum, but Lane assures me I will be pleasantly surprised.

Oh my, he is so right!

The Native American collection is wonderful, with a large selection of very fine ethnographic pieces.

Female Face Mask Tsimshian (Nisqa), Nass River, British Columbia
Portland Art Musuem

In addition, the museum has wonderful piece by modern masters like local resident Lillian Pitt and Preston Singletary.

(I swear I took pictures of Singletary’s wonderful wall installation, but I must have only done so only in my mind, as I can’t find any images anywhere.)

There are lots of other good things here too, including a small but amazing Asian collection where every piece is a revelation.

We could have stayed for hours more, but lunch with a friend entices us away.

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