In the Studio

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My friend takes me into her studio so we can make art.

I don’t think of myself as much of an artist, but I love her studio – a bright open space filled with its intriguing mix of objects and gorgeous lake views.

The art is another matter. I haven’t touched paints since junior high and it is fun to experiment with different colors and brushes, testing patterns and strokes.

But she is trying to teach me a simple printing process and the paint behaves in totally unexpected ways when I run my work through the simple hand-cranked press.

Hmmm. Not exactly what I intended and, as a bit of a control freak, I find this both wildly freeing and deeply distressing.

Of course, there are things I can do to improve on my handiwork, like adding scraps of paper to form a collage of sorts.

Maybe if I had paper cherry blossoms. . .

When I stop making art and pick up my camera again we both know it is probably time for dinner.