Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Treats at the Department of the Interior

My nominee for best-kept-secrete in Washington DC has long been the Department of the Interior's building at 1849 C Street, which is the home of the Indian Craft Shop - THE place to buy native art.

Now there is another reason to visit: 26 giant murals photographed by Ansel Adams in the years just before the attack on Pearl Harbor are on display for the first time.

The murals can be seen by appointment only. Go see them.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Checking on the Flooding Downtown

Over lunch a colleague and I head downtown to check out the flooding along the Mississippi.

There really isn't a lot to see where we are above the old jail and along the Wabasha Bridge, so I turn my lens on the city instead.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Subway Stations I Wish I Were Visiting

I am unlikely to be getting into the subway systems in either Munich or Stockholm – it appears that I will be missing some interesting stops:

Stockholm’s T-Centralen Station
Photo by Milton CJ

Munich’s Candidplatz Station
Photo by Mike Knell

Munich’s Georg-Brauchle Ring Station
Stockholm’s Solna Centrum Station

See more great images from systems around the world at “subway architecture” on the desginboom blog.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Brief Memorial to the Weirdest Airport Experience in America

Every time we fly into the east coast we wonder for a moment if this will be the airport with the weird contraptions that rise to allow you to deplane and then slowly amble across the airport like some strange form of transport from an alien world. It’s like stepping into a time warp, the future as envisioned in 1959.

Alas, it never was the right airport, since we haven’t flown into Dulles in years. . . and now it will never be, as Dulles is in the process of replacing their rolling “lounges” with a sleek and modern train.

I’m sure it will be faster and probably more comfortable, but it certainly won’t be as interesting.

For those wanting to experience one last trip, check the video.

Thanks to Upgrade: Travel Better for the heads-up.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Soul to Sole

A friend has taken me to an amazing performance Soul to Sole by the Katha Dance Theater and a small gospel group lead by the incredible Robert Robinson at the Ritz Theater in Northeast Minneapolis.

I didn’t bring my camera because: a.) I didn’t realize that we would end up in the front row or b.) that we would be allowed to take pictures. My friend did bring her camera, so I grab hers and – despite the too long lens (she didn’t expect to be in the front row either) and too low light (her camera maxes out at 1600) – I shoot throughout the show. . . although she occasionally reclaims her camera, so what you see here probably includes a few shots of hers too.

Periodically I lean close to her in the darkness and whisper: “Six good shots. I just want six good shots.”

I think we did ok (I even found MORE than six I thought good enough to publish here!), but the show itself was so marvelous that the photos hardly matter.