Saturday, June 27, 2009

Evening Drive "Home"

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Lesley has again kindly given me the front seat, so I have a wonderful view as we head home along the coast, only occasionally interrupted by having to pull out the map.

It is one of those magical evenings when the glassy sea simply melts into the sky.

A lovely close to a wonderful day.

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Fish-n-Chips in Ballycastle

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A friend of Lesley’s has recommended a fish-n-chips spot in Ballycastle. With absolutely no idea what the place is called or where it might be located, we park near the town’s small harbor and walk along the waterfront wondering how we will find it.

It turns out to be easy to spot.

There is no doubt that this is it, as there are people spilling out all around the building waiting. It MUST be good – even the birds seem willing to wait.

The wait is pretty long, but well worth it, as the fish-n-chips are wonderful – light and crispy and delicious, made better, of course, by being shared with friends.

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Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge

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This was another place I wanted to get to on my last visit to Ireland with Michele in 2004 and didn’t because of howling winds. Today couldn’t be more different, with clear blue skies and hardly a breath of air moving. It's as calm as could be.

The Carrick-a-rede bridge was originally utilitarian in purpose, allowing salmon fisherman to reach a prime fishing area. Today there really aren’t any salmon to speak of here and the bridge is simply a tourist attraction. . . but an enticing one reached via a pleasant hike through lovely rolling meadows that drop down to the sea.

The bridge itself is a rope and wood contraption, far more substantial than the original would have been. It is suspended 80 feet above the sea, providing a 65 foot link between the mainland and the largest of these tiny islands.

photo by A McClune

There really isn’t anything on the other side of the bridge, but there are lovely views and nesting birds.

Then it is back across again.

One more look back and it is off in search of fish and chips for dinner.

A Wee Harbor