It’s Easter, so it's time for some Peep Dioramas

Unless you really spend time in a place, there are always things you’ll never know about, let alone understand. Unfortunately, those are usually the most interesting things about a place. For instance, unless you subscribe to the Saint Paul Pioneer Press (or have good friends who do), you may not realize that my fair city has a recent tradition of finding an actual use for those indescribable candyish things called Peeps.

With Easter just around the corner, Peep Diorama mania is beginning to sweep through the city and now you too can take part in the fun.

The winners haven’t been announced yet, but here are a few of my favorites. (Clicking on the link to any one will bring you to a few hundred more.)

There are a wide range of dioramas available for your enjoyment, from the serious,

to completely silly,

To rather weird,

and on to the truly macabre (most of which I can’t bring myself to post because they are just too sick, including a Kennedy assassination diorama).

(Usually there is a Peep Chainsaw Murder in there somewhere, but I didn’t see one this year.)

There were also a lot of Obama inaugural peeps, octo mom peeps, and peeps on a wire. It tells you a lot more than you would have guessed, doesn’t it?