Morning Along the Salt River

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My dad and I (mom hasn't been feeling well, so has been opting to stay at home) head off in a different direction this morning and soon come across another one of those roads he has always wondered about, but never taken. It takes us down to open land near the river, where we find a large parking area that functions as a campground for a few motor homes. Mostly there is nothing here but acres of wonderful cacti.

I really like cacti :-)

Back on the road again, we stop at an overlook with views down to the river.

It would be a good place to hike, but dad's knee is bothering him and besides, we are both getting hungry. I am assured that there is a good restaurant at Saguaro Lake, so that is where we are headed.

Surprisingly, the restaurant isn't open yet, leaving us with a half-hour to spend wandering around taking pictures while we wait.

When the restaurant does finally open, we are seated on a breezy patio with a view over the lake.

It is idyllic. . . and the food is good too!

Thus, my photo tour with dad is continuing at a most leisurely pace.