Lunch in the Groves

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I tend to forget that Phoenix was once known for its orchards and groves. While much of that world no longer exists, driving down the 202 the other day I had suddenly realized the air was filled with the sweet scent of citrus blossoms. It was so lovely and very unexpected. . . and then, an exit later, it was gone.

Today I am in another small remnant of that time, lunching under the trees in a pecan grove.

We are at the (fabulous) restaurant at the Farm at South Mountain. It feels as if we are miles from Phoenix, but this pretty organic farm and pecan grove is just a short hop from the heart of the city. We eat lunch by the patio, at a table under a shady tree (not a pecan tree), while the kids look for the few pecans within reach that were missed during the harvest.

It is a blissful way to spend an afternoon.

After lunch we ramble through the groves and organic vegetable gardens.

It is a bucolic-seeming place, the desert and mountains like a mirage beyond the raucous coughing of the city’s traffic.