Northwest Airlines Vanishes - Literally

Thanks to Bob Collins at the News Cut blog for noting this Delta video of a NWA jet being repainted. (He also notes that it takes 12 days to paint one of these, hence the speed at which the video runs.)

They are a bit more blunt over at the Wall Street Journal's blog the Middle Seat Terminal, where they note:
Delta sends us a heads up on the latest turn of the screw in its marriage with Northwest: the first of Northwest’s 16 red-tailed 747-400s has been dipped in Delta blue.
This is a 747-400, which is one of the lovely new planes in NWA's fleet --I think it's the plane we flew to Paris on that I was so fond of. My big fear is that, the few new planes NWA finally brought to MSP will end up in Atlanta and we'll be back to flying only junk out of here again. Arggh!